The small hook seems simple, but in fact, quite a few fishermen don’t know how to use it correctly. So how do we choose the right fish hook? The hook body is smooth; the rough hook body that is visible to the naked eye must not be used. Although it may be hard enough, it […]

The carp is an omnivorous fish. It basically eats everything, but it doesn’t eat much. Also, as the weather changes and the water temperature changes, the carp’s appetite will also change. Today, let’s talk about the carp’s eating rules. The relationship between carp and seasons In the cold winter, the carp is basically in a […]

Catfish is a ferocious bottom fish, gluttonous and easy to grow, the largest individual can reach more than 40 kilograms. Catfish like to come out at night, and a considerable part of the time is potentially deep water or stay in the cave, especially after spring, as the temperature continues to rise, to avoid sun […]

Tell everyone about how many kinds of hooks there are and how to choose them carp hooks The characteristic of this kind of fish hook is that the hook strip is relatively thick, which is more suitable for fishing large fish, and the hook door is also relatively wide, which is more conducive to thorn […]

Nowadays, there are many fish hook products on the market. There are not only many types but also different manufacturers of the same type. So how do you pick out the hooks you want from these products?   The structure of the hook   The overall structure of the fish hook is divided into six […]

kahle hooks are hook-shaped for main fishing marine fish. The hook strip is slightly thick and flat, the hook bottom is smooth, the hook tip is curved inward, and the hook handle is longer. Suitable for fishing a big, fierce and aggressive marine fish. Kahle hooks are also the most commonly used barbed hooks. The […]

kahle hooks are suitable for fishing fish with large bodies and mouths, especially marine fish. The hook type of Kahle hooks is very similar to catfish hooks. Many novices will think that these are barbed hooks with slightly off-point hooks because the barbed hooks of this type of hooks are similar to Catfish hooks, but […]

Fishing hooks are one of the most important fishing gear. I have seen those that do not use bait, but I have never seen those that do not use hooks. The carp hook is a common fish hook used by anglers, but do you know that even if you use a big brand of a […]

Each part of the fishing hook has its own specific function and is a must-have item for us when fishing. However, there are many types of hooks, and different hook types have different functions. Let’s understand how to choose a sturgeon hooks. The principle of choosing a sturgeon hook When choosing a hook, the tip […]

Newcomers playing Lure certainly don’t understand many things, but in the Lure fishing method, there are some rules that you should know before fishing. I want to tell you Lure novices, these rules are not only useful for your own fishing process. Lure considerations 1. Throwing poles: The treble hooks on Lure bait have barbs, […]