In each independent time period, factors such as weather, precipitation, and water conditions are very different. They are all important factors that affect fishing in the wild. Everyone must understand these basic fishing knowledge before fishing. carp is a very smart species among many species, and they also have a lot of decoupling skills, so carp fishing is a very challenging thing. Now when they are actively speaking, the author will introduce some fishing skills to you, hoping to help you fishing!

1.choose fishing tackle

Those who are not familiar with carp should not panic, if you are lucky enough to catch a fish, this is the moment when your fishing skills will really be tested. Many people should have heard of the phrase “carp leaps over the dragon gate”. This sentence highlights the characteristics of carp that are good at jumping. Although carp foraging more frequently and opening their mouths quickly during fishing in spring, they bite the hook and bait. Will break free later. Therefore, before fishing in rivers or in the wild, everyone should choose a sturdy special rod for carp fishing, and the line set should also be matched with a stronger one. The length of the rod should be controlled at about four to five meters. The rod with a slightly softer tone can better buffer the pulling force of the fish. The hook for carp fishing should be selected without barbs.


2. When choosing fishing

Under the circumstance that the external environment temperature is not very high, for example, in the early spring, the temperature has not completely recovered, and carp will appear in the period of high temperature. At this time, you can go fishing in Taiwan. If fishermen go fishing in rivers, they must choose the time period around noon. In case of wind and rain, the temperature will drop, and the activity of the carp will be reduced. Try not to go out to fish for carp!

3. Select fishing spots

The main purpose of this step is to find the waters with fish. Only when there are fish, can the fisherman have the opportunity to catch fish! At the beginning of spring, the carp are still in deep water, and you can choose fishing spots here. As the temperature rises, they will go to shallow waters for food, and at this time, you need to change the location of carp fishing. Carp prefer to live in places with abundant oxygen, abundant food, and relatively hidden places. The intersection of rivers is also a good fishing spot. If there are aquatic plants here, the probability of carp hiding will be higher. Therefore, fishing in rivers, everyone can find such a place. However, when choosing a fishing position and building a fort, everyone must pay attention to safety!