Fish pond fishing for carp, whether the fishing position and the bait used are appropriate are important factors for whether the fishing is enjoyable. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good fishing position and bait in a low-density fish pond. To catch fish in a limited time, you must choose a good fishing position and fishing bait.


Choosing a good fishing position is the key to how much fishing. It is not difficult to find the depth of the pool and toss it back and forth with an empty rod. After choosing the fishing position, you must know that the fishing bait comes first. This is dialectics. You have advanced technical equipment. If the fish does not come to patronize your fishing bait, you will not be able to catch fish. In this way, we need to beat the nest, because the fish in the fish pond is bought by the fish farmer, and the fish are fed with feed. Playing the nest, throw the pellets directly to the fishing spot to form a piece, or you can be more particular about hitting a fan to form three spots.

Soak the pellets in pond water, add essence and flour, make them the size of a table tennis ball, and play three nests in a fan shape at an interval of 1.5 meters. Do this for a little bit of fishing, and try to avoid disturbing other fish nests after catching fish. The bait must be sweeter than the bait or more suitable for the fish’s taste. Only in this way can fish be caught, otherwise it is futile. Fishing knowledge, bait formula, fishing method, fishing skills, fish farm, fishing spot, fishing shed, fishing tackle, bait, traditional fishing techniques, Taiwan fishing combination, fishing tribe reservoir fishing bait formula, Crucian carp formula, carp formula, pond fishing, rivers Fishing, sea fishing techniques, and stream fishing choose fishing positions, and fishing tribes communicate with fishermen to share the fun of recreational fishing.

I participated in a competition. The fish pond is wide and deep, with few fish and polyculture, mainly carp, grass carp and crucian carp. It is suitable for low-density fishing and is a good place for the competition. I chose the fishing spot based on my experience, I chose the deep water at the windward opening, and after I made the nest material, I cast it to the fishing spot, gathered the fish, and prepared three kinds of fishing baits, one is the newly made qujiu scented fishing bait. One is the purchased pellet bait, and the other is the fermented bait left over from normal fishing.
The game time is two hours. More than half an hour has passed, the fragrant bait and pellets have been used, and the fish are still not patronizing, but at this time I feel that the fishing position is low, and there are fish moving on the water surface, indicating that the fishing bait is not right, so I simply ferment the rest. I used the bait and tried again. I just threw the fermented bait rod into the water for a while, and the fish bit the hook. I caught a grass carp with delicate movements. After the fish was protected, I hooked one by one. The excitement ended, and I ranked in the top three with 19.4 pounds. This competition fully proves the importance of choosing a fishing position and bait. This is the experience of fishing in low-density fish ponds.