Because of the high temperature in summer, it is generally the off-season for carp fishing. Let’s talk about how to cleverly use methods and techniques to catch carp in summer.

Selection of carp fishing locations

For carp fishing in summer, choosing an appropriate fishing spot is also very important. Due to the hot weather, especially on a sunny day, the sun shines directly on the water surface, and the water surface starts to heat up from 9 a.m., and carps are just as afraid of heat as people. They all hide in large rocks, coastal caves or under the shade of trees for food, so fishing Spots should be in cool water areas with branches protruding above the water surface along the banks of ponds, lakes, and rivers, or in cool water areas with leaves for shade, or in cool water areas where there are stone beams on the water surface, besides boats, and bamboo rafts and wooden rafts that block the sun.


Choice of carp fishing time

In terms of fishing time, because of the hot weather, carp should be fished when it is cooler, usually before 9 am and after 5 pm. In addition, on cloudy and rainy days in summer, the temperature is not high, especially in the first clear after the rain, and there is a breeze on the water. This is also a good time for fishing. But pay attention: fishing for carp on cloudy days in summer, there are more carps in shallow waters, and it is easier to bite the fish hook.

carp hooks

Selection of bait for carp fishing

Due to the high temperature in summer, the appetite of carp is far less than that of spring. You should use bait that is more attractive to carp. For meat bait, you can catch some locusts, grasshoppers, crickets, etc., and you can catch some red insects, earthworms, and small ones. Shrimp, etc. For vegetarian bait, apples and bananas can be used, which will have a strong attraction to carp. If necessary, some sour or sesame oil-coated dough and tender corn kernels can also be used.


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