To catch carp, in addition to standard bait, you must know the weather, location and fishing technique. These factors are very important for you to catch carp. Below you will learn some information about carp.
How to catch carp



carp fishing in spring and summer

These are two seasons, not only carp, but all fish are very active. But the most effective time is early morning and evening. Avoid fishing when it’s hot, because high-temperature fish will eat less. Spring is the breeding season, so you have to be close to the shore. And the fishing rod will be thrown far in the fall.
How to catch carp

How to catch carp as the temperature rises How to catch carp

Fishing in autumn

In autumn, the weather is slightly colder and the fish eat less, but you can still fish in the early morning or evening to achieve high efficiency. Therefore anglers are often in this season. If the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, the carp may be less active.
How to catch carp

In spring and summer, carp schools are usually concentrated in the cavities near the sluice gate, and the aquatic area near the sluice is also the place where carp accumulates at this time.
How to catch carp

How to catch carp


In autumn and winter, carp is concentrated in slow-moving, hidden corner areas, and usually far away from the gates that lead water into the lake. There are many hyacinths, lush and delicious vegetables, and a hiding place for carp.

In winter, carp usually chooses the deepest lake location to adapt to warmer temperatures and to rest more quietly.
How to catch carp

For carp fishing, you should choose a small fishing line and a small hook, because the carp’s senses are very developed and it is easy to feel the danger nearby, especially after the carp has bitten the hook once. You should choose a thin thread and a small hook so that the carp can be hooked.
How to catch carp

When the carp appears, you will see small bubbles on the surface of the water. These bubbles are the signs of the running carp. Experienced anglers can see the bubbles and guess the weight of the fish accurately.


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