Fishing friends are inseparable from fish hooks. Many people choose fish hooks and have their own methods. Today I communicated with a veteran fishing veteran. I think some of his views on buying fish hooks are very unique:

How do anglers get out of the misunderstanding of choosing fish hooks

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1. Normally, we test the sharpness of the hook, and always feel that we need to hang our nails to see if we can hang it. The hook is considered good if you can hang it on your fingernails, and it feels bad if you can’t hang it on your fingernails. In fact, this method is not necessarily right. It can only be said that the sharpness of the hook is better. There are many other factors to judge the quality of the hook.

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2. kahle hooks and perch hooks hang fingernails, kahle hooks are easier to hang fingernails. But this does not mean that perch hooks are not good. In fact, as far as fishing is concerned, the thinner the hook, the higher the sharpness. Hanging your nails is not the same as actually fishing. The thinner, the easier it is to stab. Because the fingernails are hard after all. Just like in reality, to pierce a piece of wood, a needle will not penetrate, but a thicker pointed steel wire can penetrate it.

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3. Many people choose hooks, and there is a common misunderstanding. It means that as long as the hook is broken, it is a good hook. This is actually wrong. A good hook requires not only rigidity, but also toughness. To judge the hardness of the hook, the common method is to break the tip of the hook outwards. When the break is almost straight, break it back again, break it before returning to the original position, or break it outwards after recovery, and break it outwards. The process is interrupted, indicating that the hardness is just right. If it breaks during the first straightening process, the hook is too hard. Those who say that a fishhook is a good fishhook are just taken out of context. Fishing hook manufacturer produces the most critical quenching step, as long as enough carbon is infiltrated in this step, then the hook can be broken as much as it wants. Rigidity only refers to how hard steel is used. The higher the carbon steel, the better, it must be 100C. The materials are the same, but the toner cannot be added. Adding too much is easy to break. How does resilience come from? It is made of steel, just like some stainless steel, it is also made of steel. But it can bend as much as it wants. The toughness of the steel itself. In other words, the addition of toner needs to have an appropriate degree. Too little is not enough rigid, too much is easy to break. If the toner is added too much and it is too crispy, it will break as soon as it touches the big fish. If the hook is tough, even barbless hooks can catch big fish. This is why many people report that they have caught big fish with small barbless hooks.

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