Fishing in the reservoir in summer requires not only a good fishing tackle but also a good fishing position to have a good harvest. The following summarizes the experience of fishing friends, and I will tell you how to choose a fishing position.

1. Old fishing position

Fishing in the reservoir in summer, if we are too lazy to open up new fishing spots, it is best to use the positions where others often raise nests for fishing. In these places, because of the long-term feeding of bait, the fish in the water have become fixed foraging. As long as the bait of the fishermen and the bait of other fishermen are not very aggressive, the fish will soon enter the nest.

Reservoir fishing for carp
2. At the place where rocks and water are obstructed

In order to survive, fish generally have a cautious habit and like to hunt for food in safe areas. Based on this habit, when the reservoir is raining, we can look for rocky obstacles and water and grass overgrown spots near the original depth and shallow water level. After the water level is elevated, we can fish in this kind of place, and generally have a good harvest.

3. Near the dam

The vicinity of the dam of the reservoir is also a good fishing spot. This is because the dam is used to intercept the flow of water, and people will build it very high. In contrast, the water level will be very deep. This kind of place is easy to accumulate. For the big fish of the year, we can use a handy pole to fish here. Generally speaking, the harvest is still considerable.

Fishing position

4. Steep slopes

Some reservoirs are slightly adjusted and pruned according to the local terrain environment, so the foot of the mountain, cliffs, and slopes are retained. This kind of place is a good fishing place after being submerged in water. This is because the food on the hillside will vary depending on the situation. This kind of problem washes and settles all under the water, so many fish will be attracted to the steep slope.


In the fishing process, bait, fish hook, and fishing position are very important. After choosing the fishing position, we need to learn how to use bait and fish hooks. In the reservoir, fish species are relatively abundant, including small trash fish and large herrings. In the process of fishing, we have to choose suitable bait and fish hooks according to our target fish

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