Fishing hooks are one of the most important fishing gear. I have seen those that do not use bait, but I have never seen those that do not use hooks. The carp hook is a common fish hook used by anglers, but do you know that even if you use a big brand of a fish hook, the difference will be great? The following will teach you the precautions for purchase and use.


As an example, there are two kinds of fish hooks in the figure below, both of which are carp hooks.

Carp hook

  1. The blue carp hook is a high-quality fish hook. The hook tip is sharp, and the big fish hook has a curved curve from the knife tip to the hook tip, so it is not easy to get off the hook when the fish is hooked!


  1. Ordinary carp hooks are black, have the same hook, the same arc; the hook is cheap, but the hook tip is not as sharp as the high-quality hook, and the hooks are similar and different. It is easy to distinguish between good and bad hooks; high-quality hooks Not cheap, cheap is not a good hook.

Carp hook

  1. High-quality fish hooks are expensive for 5-10 dollars a box, only 30 fish hooks or even less, high-quality fish hooks are tied with PE wire for fishing, no matter how big the fish is, as long as you can pull the fish up, Fishing hooks will not bend the hooks. The fishermen who use high-quality fishing hooks need to pay attention. It is a good thing to keep the hooks, but you need to pay attention to the operation to prevent the hooks from rebounding and catching the eyes or body because the hooks are extremely sharp!


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