Although the appearance of the current artificial lure looks very real, it is still fake after all. If you want to be truly fake, you must make the artificial lure move. This is also the core of the lure fishing method. Only the artificial lure that moves can attract To the fish, thereby allowing the fish to attack.

How to make the artificial bait move, and it moves like a real fish, depends on the way we operate the pole. A lure master can’t be accomplished in one or two days. The technique of manipulating the pole requires more practice by yourself. Here are some basic techniques.

Fake bait

  1. Rotation means that we must control the tip of the rod to draw a circle in the air during the process of winding up. This can make the artificial bait in the water continuously rotate up and down, so as to attract the attention of predatory fish. When using this technique, we need to be careful not to let

The thread is entangled on the pole, otherwise, it will be troublesome to unthread, and the thread may be broken.

  1. Swinging, as the name implies, means that the rod swings from side to side when the line is taken up. This action is transmitted to the artificial bait along the line, and the artificial bait will swing accordingly, just like a fish swimming in the water, it will naturally attract predatory fish. Notice.

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  1. It is to twitch the tip of the rod from time to time during the winding process, so that the artificial bait can make a fish jumping action, attracting the attack of predatory fish to eat the treble hooks.

Fake bait

4. It is to constantly change the speed of the winding line, so that the speed of the artificial bait in the water is faster and slower for a while, so as to attract different predatory fishes to bite the fish hook.

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