It is best to use kahle hooks for crucian fishing, I generally use 1# and 2#. If the little crucian carp you catch is the size of your thumb, then hook #1 is the most suitable. You can catch shrimp. If it is a slightly larger Crucian carp, it is most suitable to use 2# hook, such as the length of the middle finger, and the longer one.

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When fishing about 100 grams of crucian carp, use No. 2 Kahle hooks in summer and autumn, and No. 1 Kahle hooks in winter. Even the larger crucian carp, 3#~4#kahle hooks is enough.

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The small hook also has its disadvantages, that is, it is slow to load the bait, it may be better to pull the bait, but you need to change the bait frequently. There is another problem. Some fish can swallow the hook in the belly later. It will be troublesome when you take out the fish hook. The mouth of the fish is smaller than the hook removal device.

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Note: Kahle hooks are indeed not as good as perch hooks. If you combine traditional fishing with a fishing line, you can choose perch hooks or bream hooks2#—4#, or whiting hooks 3#.

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Remember, use a big hook to catch a big fish. Even if you are lucky enough to meet one or two bigger fish in a day, using a small hook can also make it fall! But the big hook is too difficult to catch small fish, and the hook is too big to get in.