When fishing bass, because the types and distribution of bass are different, the fish hooks to be used are also different. In general, large hooks are used for large bass and small hooks are used for small bass. Then, when fishing bass, you need to use a large hook. What kind of hook is more appropriate?

Explosion hook

At the end of June and the beginning of July, is a good time for bass fishing. At this time, the price of bass is relatively high, and the use of explosive hooks can have a good bottom sinking effect. Use explosions when fishing for Sea bass. The hook is a very good choice.

Shaky head hooks usage diagram

When using three hooks with PLUG FISHING LURES, treble hooks can have a good lure effect. This will make the bass think that they are hunting. Generally, you can use it when fishing sea bass. It is very good. The lure effect, which will make the bass think that they are hunting