We all know that fishing in winter is more difficult than other seasons, but for anglers, it is absolutely unbearable not to fish for one winter, so do you have any tips for fishing in winter, especially when fishing for carp? Below, the author will share with you some practical tips for fishing carp in winter, I hope it will be useful to you.
1. Choose the fishing position
Carp in winter have low activity, weak feeding desire, and most carp swim to deep water when it is cold. Therefore, when fishing for carp with a pole in winter, try to choose those protruding parts of the tip as far as possible. Especially when wild fishing in unfamiliar waters, because the water conditions are relatively unfamiliar, the fishing position should choose those prominent places. Because the closer to the deep water, the greater the probability of the hook. When fishing in winter, it is suitable to choose a long pole with a sharp tip.

2. Nesting skills
Carp don’t eat bait very much in winter, so how can you lure them to open their mouths when fishing for carp? The key is to make a good nest! In winter, you need to choose heavy-flavored bait, such as special bait nest material and wine rice.

The taste of wine rice is very strong, the effect of gathering fish and keeping fish is very good, and the wine rice lasts for a long time after entering the water, which can well lure carp into the nest to eat. Therefore, when fishing in winter, choose heavy bait for nesting!

3. Fishing skills
For carp fishing in winter, you can use the tricking method to lure the fish to eat the bait and bite the hook, and the effect is also very good. The specific method is to make the bait move slightly in the water by picking the rod to simulate the state of live bait. However, the action must be light. After the float is in place, the hook bait will fall naturally. After the hook bait is in place, lift the rod lightly to make the hook bait move up, and then fall naturally again, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting fish.
In addition to selecting spots, playing nests, and teasing fish, there are also many points to pay attention to in the usage of winter carp bait. Everyone must pay attention when using them.