1. carp fishing weather

When fishing for Crucian carp in winter, the colder the weather, the bigger the size of the crucian carp, but it is different for carp fishing. We still recommend fishing on a sunny day, and also choose a weather without wind. Only when the temperature rises a little, the carp will fish. Come out for food, so we must choose a sunny location. Of course, no matter how good the fish situation is, it is impossible to say that it is as crazy as summer, but there is no problem in catching a few.


2. Carp fishing tackle

In winter, the carp has a relatively small range of activities and a relatively small mouth, but after all, the size and strength of the carp are there. It is recommended that you use a long rod of more than 5.4 meters to hide big fish in deep water and catch big fish with long rods. The main line of 1.5, the sub-line of 0.8, and the No. 5 carp hooks should choose fishing hooks from fishing hook manufacturers with reliable quality.

circle hooks for carp
3. Carp fishing bait

In winter, unless the resources are particularly good, it is not recommended to fish for corn and pellets. But different places have different eating habits. This cannot be generalized. What I suggest is some of the most spectral experiences and methods. In our fishing process, it is best to use fishy bait, and the nest material should also be mainly fishy and fragrant (the amount of nest should not be too large). When using rubbing bait, the rubbing bait cannot be opened too hard or too hard, and the atomization time should be controlled to about 2 minutes according to the water depth.