aberdeen hooks

  • aberdeen 3 barbs on shank High Quality High Carbon Steel Fishing Worm Hooks lure Saltwater hooks

Item No:1012016/aberdeen

Anti-rust layer:Black nickel

product name:aberdeen 3 barbs on shank

strength degree:2X

Material:BKK-81WV-Super alloy

hook handle:Annular


Hook body:Flattening

Hook tip shape:Needle point

Aberdeen hooks are a type of fishing hook that originated in Aberdeen, Scotland, which has been historically known for its high-quality fishing tackle production. They are characterized by their thin, light wire construction and relatively small size, making them suitable for catching smaller fish species or when a more subtle presentation is required.

The key features of Aberdeen hooks include:

  1. Light Wire: The thinner gauge wire allows the hook to penetrate easily into the fish’s mouth, reducing the chance of the fish detecting it and also minimizing the risk of tearing the flesh when removing the hook.
  2. Bend and Point: Aberdeen hooks typically have a long shank and a slightly curved, offset bend with a fine, needle-like point, which improves hookset and reduces the chances of the fish escaping.
  3. Durability: Despite being made from lighter wire, they are often tempered to provide strength and durability without compromising on flexibility.
  4. Uses: Commonly used in freshwater and saltwater angling, they are particularly popular for bait fishing with live or small baits like worms, minnows, or shrimp, and are frequently used in panfish rigs or for trout fishing.
  5. Barbs: Most Aberdeen hooks come with barbs to help keep the fish hooked once it bites, but barbless versions are also available for catch-and-release fishing where minimizing harm to the fish is a priority.