wacky rig

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Item No:8003

strength degree:1X

product name:Barbed hook / worm wacky

Hook handle:Annular

Material:High-carbon steel

Hook body:Flattening


Hook tip shape:Needle point

Anti-rust layer:Black nickel

The Wacky Rig, also known as the Wiki Rig, is a classic fishing rig commonly used in lure fishing. It is characterized by using a fishhook to directly fix the middle section of the bait (such as WACKY WORM, also known as the noodle worm) without the need for additional weights. The swimming posture of the Wacky Rig is very realistic, resembling a slowly sinking noodle worm, making it particularly suitable for targeting less active fish species.

When using the Wacky Rig, anglers typically choose fast or extra-fast action fishing rods, spinning reels or micro-dropshot reels, and carbon line is the preferred choice. Additionally, to ensure that the soft bait won’t be lost, anglers use a rubber band to secure the middle section of the soft worm, with the hook shank placed above the rubber band.

The Wacky Rig is suitable for various water environments, including reef areas, weed beds, and clear water conditions. It is particularly effective in winter when water temperatures are low and other lure fishing techniques are less effective.

When assembling the rig, anglers can choose to use a weedless wacky rig hook or a weighted wacky rig hook, paired with a bait such as a senko or other similar live bait. A weight can also be inserted into the head of the breadworm to increase the rig’s coverage and create an irregular descending swimming posture, attracting fish to bite.

Overall, the Wacky Rig is a highly practical fishing rig for lure fishing, suitable for various environments and fish species, making it a valuable tool for anglers.