carp hooks, the hook strip is moderate in thickness, the hook door is narrow, and the handle is longer than the catfish hooks. It is suitable for hanging earthworms, sea silkworms and other bait fishing ¬†Features of carp hook Carp fishing in the wild river has the best effect. The hook is light and sharp, […]

Perch is a carnivorous fish that is more aggressive, so it is a common Lure target fish. Although we have introduced the bass fishing method before, it is mainly limited to the real bait fishing method. Therefore, the author summarizes some analysis of Lure bass skills to fishermen and hopes Lure fishermen can have fun. […]

Perch is a cunning and vigilant fish species. Right now, this season is the breeding season for perch, and it is also a good season for lure perch. Today I will talk about some techniques for lure perch.   1.The habits of bass Perch is a more ferocious carnivorous fish. It has a strong ability […]

To catch carp, in addition to standard bait, you must know the weather, location and fishing technique. These factors are very important for you to catch carp. Below you will learn some information about carp. How to catch carp Method/Step 1 Carp fishing in spring and summer These are two seasons, not only carp, but […]

1. Season The late autumn season is the golden peak season for octopus fishing. The anglers standing on the boat, each holding one or two fishing lines in their hands, kept lifting and pulling as the boat moved slowly. As long as you feel a little heavier in your hand, you will lift it hard, […]

Sea fishing has a history of hundreds of years in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and golf, equestrianism and tennis are included in one of the four aristocratic sports. However, the natural environment of the ocean and freshwater is quite different. Fishing at sea and wild fishing in freshwater are completely different […]

When fishing at sea, strong winds and waves will cause the hull to sway. In severe cases, even experienced sea anglers will get seasick. What should I do if I experience seasickness? 1. Close your eyes and rest Seasickness is caused by people who are constantly doing linear shifts, bumps, and swaying movements along with […]

It is not easy to go fishing once. If you can look at the boundless sea from the sea and enjoy the beautiful scenery while fishing, it will be a wonderful enjoyment. But from my experience, there are some sea fishing novices who always make mistakes in even the most basic throwing rods, not to […]

Although there are many surprises in sea fishing, like many outdoor activities, there are also some familiar safety knowledge. Only by familiarizing with these safety knowledge can you better appreciate the fun of sea fishing. 1. Pay attention to sun protection. On the sea, even if it is cloudy, the ultraviolet rays will be strong, […]

With the vigorous development of recreational fishing, more and more fishing enthusiasts are not satisfied with freshwater fishing, and have joined the ranks of sea fishing. Due to poor physical balance and other conditions, many fishermen experience seasickness during sea fishing. Even fishermen who have taken a boat out to sea for many times, because […]

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