barbless fly hooks

  • barbless fly hooks
  • barbless fly hooks
  • barbless fly hooks
  • barbless fly hooks

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product description:

Flying hooks are mainly used to simulate the shape of flies, dragonflies and other insects to attract fish to eat. Due to its realistic shape and movement characteristics, it is easier to attract fish. This fishing method is commonly used in spring and summer and is the tool of choice for many anglers.


Realistic appearance: The appearance design of the flying hook is very realistic and can well simulate the shape of insects.
Lightweight: To better attract fish, fly hooks are usually made of lightweight materials, making them easier to float in the water.
Durable: In order to meet the needs of frequent use, fly hooks are usually specially treated to make them more durable.
Process technology: The manufacturing process of flying hooks mainly includes steps such as casting, grinding, and coloring. To ensure its realistic appearance and lightness, fine process control is required during manufacturing.
Raw material selection: The main raw material of flying hook is YIKA3663. Not only are these materials lightweight, they also offer some strength and durability.
Target fish species: Flying hooks mainly attract carnivorous fish, such as Catfish, bass, and rainbow trout. This type of fish usually lives in fresh water and is very interested in insects such as flies.