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Product introduction

cod hooks, are widely loved by anglers for their excellent puncture capabilities. This kind of fishhook has a unique design that can better hook the fish’s mouth and avoid decoupling, thereby increasing the rate of catching fish.


Unique shape: Cod hooks are shaped like an inverted pear, with a wider hook door and a rounded hook base. This design allows the fishhook to catch the fish’s mouth better and avoid decoupling.
Penetration depth: The hook tip of Cod Hooks is curved inward, which can better penetrate into the fish’s mouth and increase the fish-hit rate. At the same time, its deeper hook bottom design also allows the fishhook to penetrate deeper and be stronger.
Tensile Strength: Cod Hooks are made of YIKA3830 material, which has high strength and durability. This means that the fishhook can withstand greater pulling force and is less likely to be straightened or broken.
Wide range of use: Cod Hooks are suitable for various fishing scenes, such as freshwater fishing, seawater fishing, etc. Its wide range of applications and excellent performance make it one of the must-have tools for fishing enthusiasts.

Raw material selection

Cod Hooks are usually made of high quality YIKA3830 material. This material has high strength, toughness and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term use and reliability of the fishhook. At the same time, YIKA3830 material is also easy to process and surface treat to improve the beauty and durability of the fishhook.

Target fish species

Due to the design and features of Cod Hooks, it is suitable for catching a variety of fish. Here are some common target fish species:
Freshwater fish: such as carp, Crucian carp, perch, salmon, etc.
Saltwater fish: such as tuna, marlin, snapper, grouper, etc.