After the angler selects the fishing ground, they should not rush to hook first. First, they should observe the topography and landform of the fishing ground, judge whether it is flowing water or still water environment, clarify the terrain, the growth of aquatic plants and the depth of the water, and comprehensively analyze the fishing gear they use. Judge, choose the ideal hook fishing spot. Generally speaking, the choice of fishing spots for carp fishing should be considered according to the changes of seasons and weather and the specific environment of the fishing waters.
spring fishing spot
In spring, the temperature gradually rises, the sun shines on the water surface, and the water temperature conditions suitable for fish life first appear in the shallow waters with a depth of less than one meter. In some shoal areas, natural bait is provided for the life of fish first, and the reproduction of aquatic organisms is gradually vigorous, and some of them are attached to the aquatic plants, which attracts some fish to the shoal aquatic plants. Carp need to store nutrients for the next generation, so they go to the shallows to find food, so shallow water shoals are the best fishing spots for carp fishing.
summer fishing spot

In summer, the temperature rises, and the shallow water below 1 meter greatly exceeds the suitable temperature for fish life. At this time, the deep water area below 1.5 meters to 2-3 meters, because of the less energy absorbed by the sun, the water temperature is lower than that of the shallow water area, which is suitable for fish life. At this time, the bottom-dwelling carp have migrated to the deep water area to “relieve the heat”, and it is difficult to catch them in the shallow water area. Therefore, in summer, especially in the summer with the highest temperature in July and August, it is advisable to choose the fishing spot in the deep water area of ​​more than 2 meters.


In summer, it is divided into two phases: the expected rainy season and the dog days. When the rainy season comes, it is best to choose a fishing spot in shallow water, bright water, downwind, and a place with sufficient oxygen near the water inlet. Dog days are the hottest time of the year, when the sun is like fire and the weather is hot. Carp hide in dimly lit deep water, under algae or in stone caves under embankments before and after noon. During the day, they only go to the shore for an hour or two after dawn and before sunset, and at night before midnight and early morning. , foraging. Whether fishing in lakes, reservoirs, or ponds, the best fishing spot is in the shade of a shady tree, or choose waters covered with floating plants such as water chestnuts, duckweeds or water lilies, and pass the bait into the gaps of the grass nest for fishing.

Autumn fishing spot
After the fall, although the high temperature and heat have passed, the water temperature drops slowly due to frequent sunlight exposure. In places with less sunshine and less shade, the reeling line appears hydrological conditions suitable for fish life. Therefore, for fishing in autumn, shady waters are still the best fishing spots.


winter fishing spot
“Winter fishing in the sun” is a general requirement for winter fishing spots. In winter, the temperature drops. In most areas of my country north of 40 degrees Celsius north latitude, the average winter season is about 120 days. In the long winter, thousands of miles of ice are frozen and thousands of miles of snow drift, which is a good opportunity for northern fishing enthusiasts to engage in ice fishing. In the vast area south of the Yangtze River, in some places, only a thin layer of ice forms on the water surface on the coldest “March 9th” day. After the sun shines, it will melt quickly, and fishing in winter is still possible.