1. Hook selection skills for carp fishing

fish hook selection tips for carp fishing. Under normal circumstances, carp hooks are used for carp fishing, especially when fishing for adult carp of 4000g-8000g in the fishing garden, generally choose No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 carp hooks, which is convenient for picking fish. The kahle hooks are only used when fishing for big carp in the wild. Generally, the Kahle hooks of No. 7~8 are the main ones.

carp hooks

2. Hook selection skills for fishing Crucian carp

Hook selection tips for crucian carp fishing. For crucian carp fishing, long shank hooks are generally used. Long shank hooks can be divided into gold, white, black and red according to color. Because crucian carp likes yellow and red, they generally choose gold and red hooks for crucian carp fishing.

Long shank hooks are also divided into barbed hooks and barbless hooks. In most cases, long shank hooks without barbs are used for crucian carp fishing. When catching large crucian carp weighing more than half a catty, it is better to use long shank hooks of size 5 and above, which can effectively prevent running fish; if the individual crucian carp exceeds 500 grams, you can choose long shank hooks of size 6 or more; fishing 150 grams to 300 grams Generally, use No. 4 long shank hooks; for small crucian carp below 150 grams, use No. 1, 2, and 3 long shank hooks.

3. Hook selection skills for sturgeon fishing

The individual sturgeon is generally more than 5000 grams. sturgeon hooks with barbs are the first choice, mainly 10~12 Sturgeon hooks.