carp is the most productive species of freshwater fish in my country, and it is also the preferred fish for fishing. Carp are bottom-dwelling omnivorous fish. It eats both meat and vegetables, and is mainly distributed in ditch ponds, reservoirs, lakes, and rivers. Carp like to live in the bottom of the water, because the […]

carp is a bottom-dwelling omnivorous fish that eats both meat and vegetarian food, often feeding on mud. The water temperature that carp likes most is 15-20 degrees. If it is higher than 30 degrees, their appetite will decrease. Carp are very sensitive to changes in air temperature and water temperature. If the weather and temperature […]

After the angler selects the fishing ground, they should not rush to hook first. First, they should observe the topography and landform of the fishing ground, judge whether it is flowing water or still water environment, clarify the terrain, the growth of aquatic plants and the depth of the water, and comprehensively analyze the fishing […]

carp is no stranger to fishermen, and there are many fishermen who specialize in fishing with carp as the target species. Carp are generally large in size, but timid by nature. The bigger the fish, the more cautious it is to eat the bait, so it is very difficult to catch large carp. Here are […]

① Wild carp are naturally timid, greedy and suspicious by nature, and are very vigilant. ② Wild carp have the habit of foraging on the bottom of the arch. This is because his snout is relatively long and flexible, so he will dig holes in the mud, arch open the mud, and find something to […]

1. Generally, it is advisable to choose waters with a depth of 3 to 4 meters. The water color is preferably dark. 2. Select the place where the fish star appears on the water. carp is a bottom-dwelling fish that uses its snout and fins to move the sediment on the bottom of the water […]

In the spring, many fishermen will choose the fishing position in the shallow place when fishing for carp in the reservoir. In most cases, there is no mistake, but when encountering a windy spring rain, the deep water is often better than the shallow water. Fall in love with carp even more. This is because […]

The distribution range of carp in my country is very wide, and it can be seen everywhere, so carp is also a kind of fish that fishermen are competing to catch. So what should you pay attention to when fishing for carp in the summer? How to get more harvest? Today, based on my own […]

The end of spring is coming soon, and the temperature has also risen significantly, but if you want to get the ideal fish, it is not as simple as we imagined, especially if you want to fish for carp, because carp is in March and April. During the month, the eating ability is relatively poor, […]

Fish pond fishing for carp, whether the fishing position and the bait used are appropriate are important factors for whether the fishing is enjoyable. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good fishing position and bait in a low-density fish pond. To catch fish in a limited time, you must choose a good fishing […]