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1. Foraging habits of carp in winter Fishing methods for carp and Crucian carp are similar, because they are both swarming animals, especially when foraging for food, they generally look for food in groups, but compared to crucian carp, the swarm of carp Sex is more rigorous. The group of crucian carp is generally loose […]

carp can be fished all year round, but fall is the best. So now the fishermen can start preparing for the big carp. Here are some tips and experiences on carp fishing. As the saying goes, if you know yourself and your enemy, you will be victorious in a hundred battles. If you know the […]

1. Selection of fishing spots: The fishing spots for carp fishing in winter should be selected in the deep water on the sunny water surface, because the water depth is closely related to the temperature of the waters where the carp is located. Under normal circumstances, the waters with a depth of 1 meter have […]

Today, I will share with you some comprehensive factors for carp fishing in autumn reservoirs, hoping to help you. After the midsummer, it begins to enter the autumn. In the south, it is also the season of harvesting grains and the season of harvesting big fish. For anglers who like carp, how to choose the […]

In each independent time period, factors such as weather, precipitation, and water conditions are very different. They are all important factors that affect fishing in the wild. Everyone must understand these basic fishing knowledge before fishing. carp is a very smart species among many species, and they also have a lot of decoupling skills, so […]

There are tens of thousands of underwater fish species, but they all have their own characteristics. In terms of single diet, they have different tastes. What’s more, even the same fish, at different growth stages or different seasons, what they eat There are also differences. If you want to catch them, it is necessary for […]

Spring is a good season for carp fishing, and it is also loved by many fishermen because of its large size and strength. Carp are omnivorous fish with a wide range of bait spectrum. They like to stay in waters with lush aquatic plants. Especially in spring fishing, carp often gather here to feed and […]

In autumn, when the temperature drops and the weather cools down, it is a good time to pick up a fishing hook and fish for carp. But carp is a very cunning fish, and it is very cautious to eat. It is really hard to catch big carp. At this time, if you want to […]

1. carp fishing weather When fishing for Crucian carp in winter, the colder the weather, the bigger the size of the crucian carp, but it is different for carp fishing. We still recommend fishing on a sunny day, and also choose a weather without wind. Only when the temperature rises a little, the carp will […]