The distribution range of carp in my country is very wide, and it can be seen everywhere, so carp is also a kind of fish that fishermen are competing to catch. So what should you pay attention to when fishing for carp in the summer? How to get more harvest? Today, based on my own experience of carp fishing in ordinary times, I would like to share with you my experience and experience of carp fishing.
1. Selection of fishing spots
There is a saying in the saying: “Carp fishes convex, Crucian carp fishes concave”, so when choosing a fishing position, you should choose a convex place. Since carp likes to stay away from light and the light is relatively dark, when choosing a fishing spot, you should choose the shadow surface, where the light is not very strong. The water depth also has certain requirements. The water depth of the fishing spot should be about 2-3 meters, which is the best depth. This depth, where carp is active, is a good location for fishing. In summer, the weather is hot and the water plants are lush. You can also choose a location near the water plants as a fishing spot, which is also a good choice. On the side of the aquatic plants, there is a shelter from the aquatic plants, which is relatively shady, and the carp also like to gather there.

When choosing fishing spots, you should also consider the fishermen themselves. It is not suitable for fishing in places without shelter. In summer, the sun is fierce and it is easy to sunburn the skin and cause heat stroke. You can find fishing spots in the shade to avoid skin burns and sunburn.
2, the choice of fishing rod

Fishing for carp in different waters, fishing methods and skills are also very different. In summer, the water temperature rises. This time is the most active time in the life of the carp. According to my personal experience, when fishing for carp, you can use a slightly softer rod instead of a very hard rod. Usually choose 28 to 37 tune on it.
3. The choice of fishing line
As mentioned above, the carp is full of energy in summer, and the impact is fierce, and the individual differences of carp in natural waters are also very large. Therefore, when choosing a fishing line, it is better to use a thicker fishing line than a thin fishing line. There is no guarantee that the next rod will be a big carp or a small carp, so try to use a thicker fishing line. The main line can use No. 5 or No. 6, and the sub-line can use No. 3.0 or 4.0. It is recommended to use No. 6 hook for the fish hook. Using a thicker line will not cause the tangent to run away when catching big fish.
4. The choice of nest material
In the water environment, there is no guarantee that there are all carp, and there will be many small fish. Therefore, in the process of fishing, there will always be interference from small fish. So how to get rid of the interference of small fish? Then we have to make some effort from the nest material. There is a lot of attention to the preparation of the nest material. The amount of nest material should be large enough, the taste will last, and there should be more residue. You can make some nests, use some grains, coarse grains, etc. as the basic bait, and then add some heavy-flavored commercial bait, and you can add some rice wine in an appropriate amount, so that the homemade bait can meet the requirements for the removal of small fish. effect.