Although spring is here, the number of outdoor fishing people will gradually increase, but I am sure that it is definitely not the best time to fish for carp. Of course, it is difficult to catch it, and it does not mean that it is impossible to catch it. According to my previous fishing experience , After I think the temperature rises, just do as I said, you can catch a big carp

How to catch carp as the temperature rises

Pick a good fishing location

Although it is already spring, the temperature and water temperature are still relatively low, so if you want to catch big carp at this time, in terms of fishing position selection, try to focus on deep water. After all, the temperature in deep water is relatively stable. When the temperature rises, the sun comes out. Later, they will swim from deep water to shallow water for food.

How to catch carp as the temperature rises

Bait collocation and selection

When it comes to bait collocation, it should be noted that the temperature at this time is not very high. Using too light bait may not attract cunning carps to bite the bait. Although after a whole winter, the carp is very hungry and needs a lot of supplementary food. It hasn’t reached the point of biting at the sight of the bait. In this case, it is recommended that fishermen choose bait with a strong smell. Of course, if the temperature is not very low and there are more small fish, you can also try grain pellets, such as hooking corn for fishing.

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