In autumn, when the temperature drops and the weather cools, it is a good time to fish for carp. But carp is a very cunning fish, and it is very cautious to eat. It is really hard to catch big carp. At this time, if you want to catch big carp, you need to have some skills and blessings. As long as you are prepared to master the skills when you go out to fish for carp, you will definitely have a good harvest.
1. Selection of fishing spots for carp fishing in autumn
In the early autumn, the temperature will still be a little high, so the choice of fishing position for carp fishing at this time should be based on the idea of ​​​​fishing in summer. When the temperature is relatively high and the weather is hot, fish like to hide under the shade of trees in deep water areas or in places with aquatic plants, so in early autumn, if you want to fish for carp, it is best to choose deep water areas and under the shade of trees, and near aquatic plants is also a good fishing position , because the water plants are not only rich in oxygen, but also some plankton can eat, except for the protruding birch tips in these places or the inlet and outlet, downwind and other places are also good fishing spots.


2. Bait matching for carp fishing in autumn

Carp is an omnivorous fish, it will eat whether it is meat bait or vegetarian bait. The bait for carp fishing in the wild should not be too smelly, otherwise it will easily attract other fish to grab it. According to my years of experience, it is best to use grain bait such as sweet potatoes, corn and wheat. Fishing must make a nest to catch carp, and even more to make a large nest, because the carp eats a lot, so the nest material must be well prepared.