carp are the most difficult fish to catch in freshwater. Naturally timid and suspicious. Moreover, he is afraid of light and prefers quietness. If he is blindly fishing, he will only have to try his luck if he does not know his habits. If it is scientifically targeted fishing, carp is not difficult at all. Here are some tips for carp fishing

1. The line set is matched, the large line is 1.5, and the sub-line is 1.2. The size of the 4th and above is great for drifting. It is recommended to adjust eight and two for wild fishing, and 5 and two for pond fishing. hook with carp hooks 4.5, kahle hooks 6.7.
2. The bait, in spring, autumn and winter, is based on the fragrant ingredients, add starved food, add a small amount of shrimp meal, there is No. 2 Crazy Fishing Crucian carp, the effect is better, in summer, mainly light fragrance, it is recommended to use the magic bottled carp essence, crazy carp , Add a small amount of famine, chicken feed.


3. When lifting the rod and skating, the rod should be lifted quickly, push forward, short and fast. Lift 20 cm and stick the fish hard. Sliding fish, carp has the saying of a strong man, do not tug-of-war with it, carp likes piling, and you should pay attention to it.
4. Weather and location selection, for carp that are afraid of light, no matter it is sunny or cloudy, choose a water depth of 1.8 meters to do it, beside the bridge pier, and beside the wooden pile. Waters with stones. Then there is the protruding place, which is the place where the carp swims back. Fishing for carp on cloudy days and no wind will yield great harvests.
5. To lure the nest, the nest should be heavy. It is recommended to use wheat and corn, boil them in a pot, and then remove them and fry them. Use old and precious amino acids, and soak them in koji wine for three days. Even better with barley.