When wild fishing is carried out in natural waters, rivers and reservoirs, besides crucian carp, the most adaptable to the environment is carp, which can be fished all year round. Let’s talk about the advantages of fishing carp in winter.
1. Carp are very adaptable
The reason why carp can survive in all freshwater waters is precisely because it is not so picky about the living environment, whether it is the quality of water quality or the abundance of food, it can live well, and it is sensitive to climate differences and changes in water temperature. The adaptability is also very good. Especially in winter, most of the fish have already entered a state of hibernation, but in the deep winter with good weather conditions, carp will still swim and forage even when the temperature is about 10 degrees or even lower, so you can fish for carp .
2. Carp activity is relatively long

In winter, the carp, especially the larger carp, swims underwater almost all day, as opposed to intermittent foraging in other seasons, but with a smaller range of activities and a slower swimming speed. The reaction is on the surface of the water, and there are often fish stars emerging. In places with a lot of carp, in sunny and warm weather, the fish star bubbles will pour out one after another. The stage of the most dense and most abundant fish star bubbles is the early winter, and it will continue until the beginning of the year. This section is all for carp fishing.

3. The water condition is better
The water conditions in winter are generally better. First, the water level at this time is relatively high, and the water surface reaches the most stable broad period of the year, which makes the frightened carp feel safe. Second, the water quality is better, the color and texture of the water are better, and the environment is more oxygen-rich, which can have a positive effect on the carp foraging on the bottom. The third is that carp like to live in groups. Due to the depth of water, the bottom of the water is covered with many high potholes and caves, which become the natural habitat for carp. Find such a place to cast bait and nest material to make a nest, and the effect is outstanding. Fourth, the water temperature balance period is long, especially when fishing in large areas of reservoirs and rivers, their water temperature changes slowly, and it is still possible to fish for carp in deep water within a day or two from sunny weather to cold weather.