carp is no stranger to everyone. As a common fish species in fresh water, it has naturally become a fishing target favored by many anglers. Whether it is wild fishing in rivers and reservoirs, it is very popular. However, in different seasons, the living habits of carp are different, and the food intake will also change. So in spring, how to fish for carp?
As mentioned earlier, carp have different feeding habits and activity patterns in different seasons. Therefore, if you want to catch a lot of carp in spring, the first thing to do is to pay attention to the living habits of carp in spring. Only in this way can you find out the right fishing method and bait.
As we all know, carp is a bottom-dwelling omnivorous fish, which often likes to stay in the lower layer of the water. The requirements for food and bait are not particularly harsh, and they eat both meat and vegetables. Carp’s snout bones are particularly developed, and they often like to arch around in the muddy bottom of the water to find food.


Carp is a kind of temperature-changing creature, and its body temperature will change correspondingly with the change of water temperature. Because of this, they do not need to consume their own physical energy to maintain a constant body temperature, so its food intake is not particularly large.
Of course, carp also have some common characteristics with most fish, such as like to stay in places with aquatic plants. That is to say, during wild fishing, they can usually be found in some waters where there are aquatic plants, which is a good fishing position. As for the reason, of course, it is because there are a lot of plankton in the aquatic plants, and this is also the natural food bait for the fish. And places with lots of water and grass are also excellent places for fish to lay their eggs. For the carp that is in the breeding season in spring, it is exactly what they like. So everyone can pay attention to such places when choosing a fishing position for carp fishing.