carp are alert and cunning by nature, and are much harder to catch than Crucian carp. Even in summer, wild carp fishing takes a lot of work, not to mention the current winter when most of the fish are already in a semi-dormant state. However, although the difficulty of catching carp in winter is great, as long as the time is ripe and the fishing method is appropriate, you can also have a good catch.


1. The choice of fishing time for carp fishing in winter
In winter, carp are in a state of semi-hibernation and have little desire to open their mouths, so it is very important to choose the right time for fishing. You can choose to go fishing when it is sunny for several consecutive days and the temperature is rising. When the water temperature rises, the appetite of the carp will increase.

2. Selection of fishing spots for carp fishing in winter
Carp is a fish that likes high temperature. The water is cool in winter. They will swim to deep water areas with relatively high water temperature. Therefore, if you want to catch them, you need to make a fuss in the deep water area. When choosing a specific fishing position, for places where the depth of the water is not clear, use a stupid method and try the bottom with a fishing rod. When choosing a fishing spot, pay attention to the surrounding environment to be quiet and the food to be plentiful, so that carp likes to stay in such a place.

3. Selection of bait for carp fishing
Carp are not very open to talking in winter, unless they encounter a particularly favorite food. In terms of bait, live bait is the best choice, such as earthworms and red worms are good choices. If you want to use face bait, you should also choose one with strong fishy and fragrant fragrance, and you should add an appropriate amount of animal protein to the bait.


4. The timing of raising the rod for carp fishing in winter
In winter, the carp’s mouth is light and slow, and the floating phase after the fish is usually a constant speed down or black drift, and the rod can be lifted at this time. If the float shakes frequently and the amplitude is small, it means that there is a small fish hooking, and there is no need to lift the rod. Sometimes even if there is real fish news on the float, there is no need to rush to raise the rod immediately, wait a second or two, it is not too late to raise it after prison.