For many anglers, carp should be a relatively common species of fish, whether in the wild or in reservoirs, lakes, or other places, we can see them. But carp is also more cunning than Crucian carp, and it is difficult to catch. It is precisely because of this that many fishermen who like wild fishing would rather hold the belief of breaking the boat and be able to conquer them. In the hot summer, we still need to master certain skills and methods to deal with it~

A hiding place for carp
If we want to catch the ideal carp, we first need to learn to find their hiding place, so even if we can’t guarantee that we will get the ideal fish, it can still make us addicted to fishing. Because when the weather is relatively hot, fish generally like to go to some deep water or relatively shady places, and if we want to catch carp in summer, it is best to choose some water plants that are more or are convenient for fishing. at the water inlet.


2. Selection and matching of fishing bait and nest material
Because carp are usually more cunning and larger, their preferred food types are relatively light, especially in hot summer, larger carp prefer to eat lighter-flavored bait, such as grain or It’s corn kernels and so on. These are also good choices for carp fishing.