Catching a big carp is the common dream of all anglers, just because of its big size and full of energy, the excitement at the moment after the fish can only be described by the heartbeat. According to the characteristics of carp’s size and strength, we should pay attention to several issues when choosing fishing […]

Anglers love to fish carp because carp represents good luck, and another point is that carp fishing is more challenging. The carp is beautiful in shape, large in size and full of energy. Therefore, in the selection of fishing tackle, it is necessary to fully consider the bearable strength of the fishing rod, hook and […]

carp are alert and cunning by nature, and are much harder to catch than Crucian carp. Even in summer, wild carp fishing takes a lot of work, not to mention the current winter when most of the fish are already in a semi-dormant state. However, although the difficulty of catching carp in winter is great, […]

We all know that fishing in winter is more difficult than other seasons, but for anglers, it is absolutely unbearable not to fish for one winter, so do you have any tips for fishing in winter, especially when fishing for carp? Below, the author will share with you some practical tips for fishing carp in […]

In each independent time period, factors such as weather, precipitation, and water conditions are very different. They are all important factors that affect fishing in the wild. Everyone must understand these basic fishing knowledge before fishing. carp is a very smart species among many species, and they also have a lot of decoupling skills, so […]

Crucian carp and carp, as the most common target fish species for anglers, should not be unfamiliar to everyone because of their wide range of living waters, strong fecundity and adaptability. However, because of the different types, Crucian carp and carp also have great differences in fishing methods. Let me summarize and share them for […]

1. Foraging habits of carp in winter Fishing methods for carp and Crucian carp are similar, because they are both swarming animals, especially when foraging for food, they generally look for food in groups, but compared to crucian carp, the swarm of carp Sex is more rigorous. The group of crucian carp is generally loose […]

carp can be fished all year round, but fall is the best. So now the fishermen can start preparing for the big carp. Here are some tips and experiences on carp fishing. As the saying goes, if you know yourself and your enemy, you will be victorious in a hundred battles. If you know the […]