In each independent time period, factors such as weather, precipitation, and water conditions are very different. They are all important factors that affect fishing in the wild. Everyone must understand these basic fishing knowledge before fishing. carp is a very smart species among many species, and they also have a lot of decoupling skills, so […]

There are tens of thousands of underwater fish species, but they all have their own characteristics. In terms of single diet, they have different tastes. What’s more, even the same fish, at different growth stages or different seasons, what they eat There are also differences. If you want to catch them, it is necessary for […]

Spring is a good season for carp fishing, and it is also loved by many fishermen because of its large size and strength. Carp are omnivorous fish with a wide range of bait spectrum. They like to stay in waters with lush aquatic plants. Especially in spring fishing, carp often gather here to feed and […]

In autumn, when the temperature drops and the weather cools down, it is a good time to pick up a fishing hook and fish for carp. But carp is a very cunning fish, and it is very cautious to eat. It is really hard to catch big carp. At this time, if you want to […]

1. carp fishing weather When fishing for Crucian carp in winter, the colder the weather, the bigger the size of the crucian carp, but it is different for carp fishing. We still recommend fishing on a sunny day, and also choose a weather without wind. Only when the temperature rises a little, the carp will […]

In winter, fishermen can try to catch Catfish when they go out for wild fishing in creeks and rivers, especially at night. In this article, we’ll explore tips for night catfish fishing in creeks, rivers, and more. 1. Prepare fishing tackle When we are fishing for catfish, we usually choose a fishing rod according to […]

Catfish are covered in mucus and have no scales, so many people can’t catch them with their hands and slip into the lake. When fishing for catfish, many people are confused about fish hooks. Which hook should I choose catfish hooks No. 1 or catfish hooks No. 2? Next, we will analyze the problem from […]

1. Earthworms You can use earthworms for wild Catfish fishing, but black earthworms with thick flesh are generally recommended because black earthworms are larger have a stronger fishy smell than red earthworms, and are most suitable for catching carnivorous fish such as catfish. 2. Chicken liver Chicken liver can be used for wild catfish fishing. […]

1. Hook selection skills for carp fishing fish hook selection tips for carp fishing. Under normal circumstances, carp hooks are used for carp fishing, especially when fishing for adult carp of 4000g-8000g in the fishing garden, generally choose No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 carp hooks, which is convenient for picking fish. The kahle […]

When fishing bass, because the types and distribution of bass are different, the fish hooks to be used are also different. In general, large hooks are used for large bass and small hooks are used for small bass. Then, when fishing bass, you need to use a large hook. What kind of hook is more […]