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Although it is said that summer is the best time for big carp fishing, it is cunning and cautious, and it is very difficult to get the bait. Therefore, many fishermen adopt a relaxed and simple method of fishing rod explosive hook.   The principle of explosive hook fishing   The so-called explosive hook is […]

This summer, we have to enter the time for carp fishing. What kind of fish hook is suitable for carp fishing, and how to choose fish hook. Let’s discuss this issue today. I usually use carp hooks for carp fishing. Because carp hooks have deep hooks, long spears, and not easy to unhook, the short […]

carp is not difficult to catch on the whole, which is one of the important reasons for their popularity. Of course, if you want to catch carp better, there are still many aspects that need to be paid attention to. There are many factors that need to be paid attention to in preparation and specific […]

Because of the high temperature in summer, it is generally the off-season for carp fishing. Let’s talk about how to cleverly use methods and techniques to catch carp in summer. Selection of carp fishing locations For carp fishing in summer, choosing an appropriate fishing spot is also very important. Due to the hot weather, especially […]

carp is an omnivorous fish, almost not picky eaters, they can be seen in most waters of our country. Therefore, carp is also one of the target fish that anglers often catch. However, when fishing for carp in waters like dams, due to the cautious nature of large carp, it is not particularly good for […]

Tips and methods for carp fishing in winter Check the weather in advance Choose a relatively warm day in winter. Try to choose sunny days and daytime. The temperature of sunny days and daytime is relatively warm in winter. At this time, the water temperature rises, the carp is easy to get out of the […]

There are different fishing methods and experiences, but in general, you have to do a lot of articles on the bait. Then, how to operate the bread? 1、It can be used alone. It is also possible to use bread alone as bait. Just roll the bread into small balls and hang them directly on the […]

Formula for corn fishing carp Corn is a very important type of grain, and it is also a very representative type of fishing bait. It can also be used when fishing carp. Using corn to fish carp, you can directly cook the corn kernels, and mix in the right amount of high-quality liquor and the […]

The carp is an omnivorous fish. It basically eats everything, but it doesn’t eat much. Also, as the weather changes and the water temperature changes, the carp’s appetite will also change. Today, let’s talk about the carp’s eating rules. The relationship between carp and seasons In the cold winter, the carp is basically in a […]

Fishing hooks are one of the most important fishing gear. I have seen those that do not use bait, but I have never seen those that do not use hooks. The carp hook is a common fish hook used by anglers, but do you know that even if you use a big brand of a […]