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To catch carp, in addition to standard bait, you must know the weather, location and fishing technique. These factors are very important for you to catch carp. Below you will learn some information about carp. How to catch carp Method/Step 1 carp fishing in spring and summer These are two seasons, not only carp, but […]

When it comes to carp, I now want to try fishing with two rods by the water. After all, everyone has a dream of catching a big fish. It’s a pity that if you want to catch a good fish, you really have to pay attention to some fishing methods and details, Qianzhen It is […]

Perhaps in the opinion of many people, carp is notoriously inherently “cunning”. Of course, the cunning fish can only be caught, but as a fisherman, what kind of fishing method should I use to get his wish? As far as spring is concerned, I think it is good to learn the following three skills. 1. […]