Perhaps in the opinion of many people, carp is notoriously inherently “cunning”. Of course, the cunning fish can only be caught, but as a fisherman, what kind of fishing method should I use to get his wish? As far as spring is concerned, I think it is good to learn the following three skills.

1. Flexible seat selection according to weather changes

Although I am not a veteran of fishing, I always believe that no matter what you are fishing in natural waters, a good fishing position is inseparable. Then, for spring fishing, what kind of fishing position is considered a good fishing position? Some people say they want to fish on the beach. After all, “spring fishing on the beach, summer fishing on the beach” is the experience summarized by the older generations, but what you don’t know is that spring is divided into three stages: morning, middle and evening, and the temperature in early spring is not High, so if you want to catch carp well at this time, it is best to fish deep.

Of course, if the temperature continues to rise, you can properly fish for shallows, but the time for fishing will not be too long. After all, after this solar term, it is the so-called “summer” stage. Therefore, fishing deep and shallow fishing needs to be based on temperature and solar terms. Change to flexible choice.

Carp fishing

2. Flexible bait distribution according to the temperature

In addition to fishing for carp in spring, in addition to having a good fishing position, it is also necessary to flexibly allocate bait according to the temperature. For example, the temperature and water temperature at this time are not enough to greatly improve the activity and feeding habits of carp, so the bait configuration should be Mainly fishy, ​​supplemented by incense! The temperature will gradually rise. At this time, if you want to avoid miscellaneous fish and facilitate bottom fishing for carp, it is best to reduce the amount of fishy, ​​or directly use grain bait and pellets for fishing.

Carp fishing

3. Floating fishing

Finally, in the process of fishing, special attention should be paid to the adjustment of floats. Wild carps rarely have the habit of raising their heads to eat bait. Therefore, in the process of adjusting floats, the fishing height should be adjusted lower. There are two advantages to adjusting the fishing in this way. One is to prevent the fish from being too light, and the fishing can be lowered at this time. The other is to prevent the miscellaneous fish from getting too serious. Some messy drifting phases, so that the fish rate.


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