When it comes to carp, I now want to try fishing with two rods by the water. After all, everyone has a dream of catching a big fish. It’s a pity that if you want to catch a good fish, you really have to pay attention to some fishing methods and details, Qianzhen It is true, of course, as long as I do as I say now, even if you are not an old angler, just refer to the reference and imitate, you can still get a lot of fish.

Carp fishing

Choose a fishing location according to the weather

As we all know, because of its sensitive nature, wild carp is much more cunning than other fish in terms of its hiding place and eating rules. Therefore, when choosing a fishing location, you must ensure that the surrounding environment is quiet. .

Of course, judging by the temperature, the water temperature in the deep water area is relatively stable at this time, and the larger carps generally hide here, but when the water temperature rises, they will also leave the long-dwelling deep water area and choose to go to the shallow water area. Go for food, so the choice of fishing position must be flexibly selected according to the temperature on the day of fishing and the weather conditions in the last few days.

Carp fishing

Nest material matching and placement

Although carp is an omnivorous fish, no matter whether your nest is meat or vegetarian, as long as they meet by fate, they will basically not miss it. Nevertheless, in different seasons, the carp with larger individuals has different food preferences.

At this time, if you want to catch a large carp, nesting in advance is an indispensable step. Of course, the temperature is not high at this time and the carp’s desire to eat is not strong. Therefore, it is recommended that you prefer to fight less nests at one time and be diligent. Fill the nest.

Carp fishing

Match bait according to fish condition

Finally, in terms of bait, it is recommended to give priority to using fishy-scented bait, that is to say, fishy should be the mainstay, and the fragrance should be supplemented! Although carp is an omnivorous fish, using sweet and sweet bait, it can also eat hooks, but the effect may not be so good in spring. Because the water temperature is low in early spring, the carp is not so active, so we can add it to the bait Some fishy flavors can greatly increase the carp’s desire to eat.


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