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In winter, fishermen can try to catch Catfish when they go out for wild fishing in creeks and rivers, especially at night. In this article, we’ll explore tips for night catfish fishing in creeks, rivers, and more. 1. Prepare fishing tackle When we are fishing for catfish, we usually choose a fishing rod according to […]

Catfish are covered in mucus and have no scales, so many people can’t catch them with their hands and slip into the lake. When fishing for catfish, many people are confused about fish hooks. Which hook should I choose catfish hooks No. 1 or catfish hooks No. 2? Next, we will analyze the problem from […]

1. Earthworms You can use earthworms for wild Catfish fishing, but black earthworms with thick flesh are generally recommended because black earthworms are larger have a stronger fishy smell than red earthworms, and are most suitable for catching carnivorous fish such as catfish. 2. Chicken liver Chicken liver can be used for wild catfish fishing. […]

animal organs. When fishing Catfish, you can choose fishy animal offal as bait, such as fresh lamb, lamb liver, chicken liver, pig spleen, etc., first need to be exposed to the sun, so that the overall meat becomes very dry. The smell becomes slightly fishier, ​​and then put it in a sealed plastic bag. You […]

catfish hooks are better for Catfish fishing. According to the habit and shape characteristics of catfish, there are some aspects to pay attention to when choosing a fish hook. The first is the hook strip, which should be thicker; and the hook tip, which needs to be sharper. The other is quality. You can’t choose […]

The method of fishing freshwater Catfish is mainly in the selection of bait and the method of manipulating the rod. According to my own experience, because catfish like to live in the bottom and have little mobility, jig hooks are the best choice. After entering the water, it can continuously rotate and disturb, just like […]

1、Chicken liver Animal internal organs: lamb liver, chicken liver, pig spleen can all be used to catch Catfish. The animal internal organs are cut into 2-3cm strips and put on a fish hook for catfish fishing. 2、shrimp Shrimp meat: Choose large white shrimp, keep the shrimp head and feet, the fish hook is inserted through […]

Catfish is a ferocious bottom fish, gluttonous and easy to grow, the largest individual can reach more than 40 kilograms. Catfish like to come out at night, and a considerable part of the time is potentially deep water or stay in the cave, especially after spring, as the temperature continues to rise, to avoid sun […]

There are many fake baits suitable for Catfish, and different fake baits have different application scenarios and selection methods. Today, I will focus on the use of lead hooks and soft baits. Fake bait options for catfish fishing Soft bait is a kind of lure bait, which is generally processed from plastic, rubber, and silicone […]