1. Earthworms

You can use earthworms for wild Catfish fishing, but black earthworms with thick flesh are generally recommended because black earthworms are larger have a stronger fishy smell than red earthworms, and are most suitable for catching carnivorous fish such as catfish.


2. Chicken liver

Chicken liver can be used for wild catfish fishing. Thanks to the special fishy smell of chicken liver, this fishy smell spreads very quickly in the water and is super attractive to catfish. It is recommended to cut chicken liver into small pieces when fishing. shape.

chicken liver

3. Loach

Catfish can be used for wild catfish fishing. In fact, loach is also one of the main food of catfish in the natural environment. The main method of catching catfish with a loach is to hook the catfish on the back of the loach (don’t hurt the bones of the loach). To ensure the activity of loach.


4. Duck intestines
Duck intestines can be used for wild catfish fishing. The reason is that duck intestines have a strong bloody smell. They are most suitable for fishing catfish, bass, and other carnivorous fish. The effect of chicken intestines without duck intestines is the same.

duck intestines

It is best to use catfish hooks to hang duck intestines, because catfish hooks are more suitable for the mouth shape of catfish