In winter, fishermen can try to catch Catfish when they go out for wild fishing in creeks and rivers, especially at night. In this article, we’ll explore tips for night catfish fishing in creeks, rivers, and more.

1. Prepare fishing tackle

When we are fishing for catfish, we usually choose a fishing rod according to the distance between the fishing point and the shore, and a fishing rod with a harder tonality is better. The largest individual wild catfish is about 4,000 grams. It swims fast and fiercely, is sensitive, and has a lot of power. Therefore, it should use the No. 1.5 strong mainline and No. 1 brain line with the same length. The best main brain line is the same brand, and the brain line is 6-8 cm long. The hook should use catfish hooks 5-6 barbed hooks, the hook must be sharp and without damage, use new and not old, catfish eat hard and fast, so it is better to use macaroni, you can wear a space bean on the mainline, Limit the sliding of the sinker to ensure the sensitivity of the rig. For the float, you can use a small and medium-length standing float, or a bright luminous float, you can choose one of the two.

2. Preparation of bait

Because catfish are carnivorous fish, when fishing for catfish, you should choose meat bait as bait, such as earthworm bait, red worm bait, small shrimp bait, etc. You can also use fish meat and livestock offal. When fishing for catfish at night, it is best to use red earthworms. You can fish in rapid water without worrying about no bait on the fish hook. When choosing red earthworms, try to choose toothpicks that are big and slim, and one hook is the most suitable.

Fishing position
3. Fishing method

When we are fishing for catfish, we can choose the fishing spot and put the bait at the intersection of the current. If the hook bait hits the bottom, it is easy to wear the hook peak due to the scouring of the water, so try to ensure that the hook bait is 2-5 cm away from the bottom of the water. When you find that the luminous drift sinks, you can quickly lift the rod. At this time, you are sure to catch the fish. When lifting the rod, you should shake your wrist and break the hook to hook the hard fish mouth. When lifting the rod, use tenacity to lift the fish straight to the shore, and don’t let the fish swim east and west, hard to hard, otherwise the catfish will quickly burrow into the rock crevice. If the fish gets into the crack of the rock, don’t pull it hard to prevent the rock from cutting the hook line. At this time, the fishing rod should be tightened and not let go, and the fish should come out after a while. If it doesn’t move at all, it can give a little toughness to the tip of the rod, and it can’t help the pain and will come out of the hole on its own. During the whole process of fishing, the lamps should not illuminate the water surface as much as possible, because catfish like to hunt in the dark, and the bright water surface will affect the fishing conditions. When removing the hook, wrap the fish head with a thick towel to remove the hook. If the hook is swallowed too deeply, you can use a hook picker or needle-nose pliers to remove the hook and force the hook out, which is easy to break the hook line, delaying valuable fishing time.


4. Earthworm piercing hook method

When threading the earthworm bait through the hook, it is necessary to hook the red earthworm head into three-quarters of the body and pay attention to exposing the hook tip. In any case, the hook door should not be blocked, and the earthworm should be moved to the hook handle as much as possible. In addition, the earthworm’s tail on the hook tip should be kept as short as possible, generally 1-2 cm long to ensure its peristalsis. Because catfish swim fast in flowing water and snatch food fiercely, they often run and swallow the bait in their mouths, so the rod should be raised quickly, and the bait is too long to cause empty hooks and no fish. If the worm is too long, you can remove it a little and then put it on the hook; you can also cut the long worm bait into two pieces. If there is a lot of mucus of earthworms and it is inconvenient to thread the hook, you can dip it in the fishy-scented dry bait powder, which is easy to pinch and thread the hook in one step. After each fish, the leather shell on the hook must be replaced to ensure the liveliness of the bait on the hook and make the fishing effect better.

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