There are many fake baits suitable for Catfish, and different fake baits have different application scenarios and selection methods. Today, I will focus on the use of lead hooks and soft baits.

Fake bait options for catfish fishing

Soft bait is a kind of lure bait, which is generally processed from plastic, rubber, and silicone materials to make it look like various aquatic animals. There are many types of soft bait. For catfish fishing, it is recommended to use capuchin or T-tail soft bait. The characteristics of soft bait are flexible and vivid swimming style, soft movement, and can be searched all over the water. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult to operate, and it is not as good as hard bait in throwing.

Fake bait

Advantages of Catfish Fake Bait

The use of soft bait is mainly based on two considerations.

One is that soft bait has seasonal advantages. In the case of bad catches in winter, soft bait is easy to import, so the fishing rate is higher than other fake bait;

The second is the high-cost performance of soft bait. The punctuation of fishing catfish generally has a complicated bottom structure, which is easy to hang on the bottom, and the loss rate of fake bait is high. The price of the combination of lead hook and soft bait is lower than that of hard bait, which is economical.

Fake bait

Catfish fishing rod selection

When using the combination of soft bait + lead hook, it is recommended to use an L-adjusted lure rod. The fishing rod with M or MH adjustment is too hard, which is not conducive to throwing.

Choice of catfish fishing line

There are two aspects to pay attention to when using the wire set: one is that the ductility should not be too large, so as not to affect the transmission of the fish; the other is that the abrasion resistance is good, and it is not easy to break when encountering complex underwater structures. It is recommended to choose nylon thread; the number is 2#-2.5#, or carbon thread about 8 pounds.

Fishing line

Choice of Catfish fishing hook

In terms of the selection of lead hooks, under normal circumstances, choosing 5-7 grams of worm hooks is sufficient for most of the time. However, if the catfish is far offshore, you need to use a lead hook of more than 7 grams.

weighted jig hooks


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