Catfish are covered in mucus and have no scales, so many people can’t catch them with their hands and slip into the lake. When fishing for catfish, many people are confused about fish hooks. Which hook should I choose catfish hooks No. 1 or catfish hooks No. 2? Next, we will analyze the problem from its size, fish mouth, and temperature.

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1. Select the hook according to the size of the catfish

A hook is a necessary tool for fishing. The quality of the hook determines the success rate of catching fish. Then according to the weight of the catfish, we can choose
The best fishing hook model. If the weight of the catfish is heavier than the average catfish, then you can use the No. 2 hook to fish for catfish; otherwise, we must consider the load-bearing capacity of the hook, and choose a smaller type of hook to catch catfish.


2. Select the hook according to the weather temperature

Temperature is also a factor for the use of hooks when fishing for catfish. Many people must think that the temperature has nothing to do with the type of hook, but it is not the case. Some temperature changes cause the size of the catfish’s mouth. If the temperature is too high or too low, the catfish will not be easy to open. So we try to use the No. 1 hook for fishing. If the current temperature is clear and sunny, we don’t need to think about this.


3. Select the hook according to the opening of the catfish

The size of the catfish’s mouth determines what type of hook we should choose. If the catfish’s mouth is too small, if we use the No. 2 hook, the catfish will easily eat the bait and escape because the hook is too large. So when the catfish has a big mouth, we use the No. 2 hook; when the catfish’s mouth is too light, we can choose the No. 1 hook to fish for catfish.