The method of fishing freshwater Catfish is mainly in the selection of bait and the method of manipulating the rod. According to my own experience, because catfish like to live in the bottom and have little mobility, jig hooks are the best choice. After entering the water, it can continuously rotate and disturb, just like small creatures.


After completing the selection of the soft bait, the method of manipulating the rod is: the angler throws the fish hook to the punctuation point, and after it naturally falls to the bottom of the pool, immediately tighten the fishing line and lower the rod for a while, and roll the wheel at a slow speed to close it. At the same time, the rod is constantly moved to tease, so that the soft bait in the water seems to be fast and slow, and the interlocking condition is not normal. Repeated operations like this, once the fish finds the target coming to get the bait, the rod body will suddenly be pulled out of a wonderful arc, all of which come out in an instant after the fish bites the hook.


As for fishing tackle, I usually use 1.8m or 2.1m poles for freshwater fishing. The fishing line can choose 10-12 pounds of nylon line, and the reel is 100 meters long. The other more important thing is the weight of bait hooks. I chose a weight of 7 grams because it is too light and the bait sinks more slowly, and it is not easy to cast long-distance punctuation, and too heavy will cause the fish to eat the bait unsmoothly.


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