How many hooks are used for grass carp fishing is a question that many novice fishers often ask, how to choose a more suitable hook. In the process of fishing, the choice of the hook is very important. The biggest factor that affects our choice of the hook should be the weight of different fish. […]

For bass fishing, it is better to use worm hooks for bass fishing. In addition, perch hooks and kahle hooks are used. It’s also better. For bass fishing, the best hook used is the hook for bass fishing. Because they are specially made according to the characteristics of the bass, the shape is more suitable, […]

animal organs. When fishing Catfish, you can choose fishy animal offal as bait, such as fresh lamb, lamb liver, chicken liver, pig spleen, etc., first need to be exposed to the sun, so that the overall meat becomes very dry. The smell becomes slightly fishier, ​​and then put it in a sealed plastic bag. You […]

catfish hooks are better for Catfish fishing. According to the habit and shape characteristics of catfish, there are some aspects to pay attention to when choosing a fish hook. The first is the hook strip, which should be thicker; and the hook tip, which needs to be sharper. The other is quality. You can’t choose […]

It is best to use kahle hooks for crucian fishing, I generally use 1# and 2#. If the little crucian carp you catch is the size of your thumb, then hook #1 is the most suitable. You can catch shrimp. If it is a slightly larger Crucian carp, it is most suitable to use 2# […]

Although it is said that summer is the best time for big carp fishing, it is cunning and cautious, and it is very difficult to get the bait. Therefore, many fishermen adopt a relaxed and simple method of fishing rod explosive hook.   The principle of explosive hook fishing   The so-called explosive hook is […]

1. carp hooks are commonly used hooks for silver carp fishing. They are characterized by thick hook bars, wide hook doors, short hook handles, and hook tips that are olecranon-shaped (commonly known as olecranon hooks). The advantage is that the thick hooks can withstand large fish. The impact, the hook tip is olecranon-shaped, and it […]

This summer, we have to enter the time for carp fishing. What kind of fish hook is suitable for carp fishing, and how to choose fish hook. Let’s discuss this issue today. I usually use carp hooks for carp fishing. Because carp hooks have deep hooks, long spears, and not easy to unhook, the short […]

Soon the temperature will get higher and higher, and it’s time to catch silver carp again. Many friends who fish for Silver carp know that using explosive hooks is the best way to fish. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge about using explosive hooks. Many novices don’t know how to use it when […]

Fishing in the reservoir in summer requires not only a good fishing tackle but also a good fishing position to have a good harvest. The following summarizes the experience of fishing friends, and I will tell you how to choose a fishing position. 1. Old fishing position Fishing in the reservoir in summer, if we […]