Soon the temperature will get higher and higher, and it’s time to catch silver carp again. Many friends who fish for Silver carp know that using explosive hooks is the best way to fish. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge about using explosive hooks. Many novices don’t know how to use it when they first touch the explosive hook. So let’s take a look at the techniques of fishing silver carp with an explosive hook.


  1. Improved method of explosive hook


fishing hook manufacturers all use soft strands. The disadvantage is that when the bait is atomized, the fish hook will soon be buried by the sand brought up by the running water, or the hook and fishing line will be entangled with each other, and the silver carp cannot suck the hook into the mouth. The self-made explosive hook with nylon strands of No. 7 to No. 8 can support the hook and facilitate the hook to be sucked into the mouth by the silver carp.


Explosion hook

  1. Fishing bait


Pure corn flour 15000G~20000G, soybean 10000G, garlic 2500G, brown sugar 1000G~2000G catties, flour 1500G, fine wheat bran 1500G, fried peanut flour 1500G.


Puree the garlic, add the sauteed wheat bran to the cornmeal and mix well; soak the soybeans in water, make a slurry and boil, pour all into the cornmeal, adjust it to a moistened shape and fill the jar, sprinkle a little koji wine on the surface and seal it. , Expose for one summer, use the next year.


When calling, the fine rice bran is first fried in an iron pan to adjust the thick state, and then add some commercial bait appropriately according to the situation of your bait. If you are fishing for silver carp, you can also fish for carp and grass carp, which can reduce acidity. , Reduce the proportion of garlic before fermentation.


Under normal circumstances, silver carp likes the mixed smell of sour, fragrant, lightly sweet, and slightly odor in the fermented bait, and bighead carp likes the mixed smell of strong smell, fishy smell, and light acid. According to different seasons and target fish, commercial bait can be added to the spot when fishing.


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