It is well known that silver carp is a hot water fish. It is easy to catch in spring and autumn. However, there are also fishermen who want to catch Silver carp wild in winter. Let me introduce the techniques of wild silver carp fishing in winter. Fishing method The biggest difference between silver carp […]

In the vast world of angling, every fish species requires a unique approach and specific tackle to optimize catch rates. Amongst freshwater fishing enthusiasts, Catfish are highly sought-after due to their size, fight, and culinary appeal. A recurring query that often surfaces is whether treble hooks can be effectively used for catching catfish. This article […]

Because of the high temperature in summer, it is generally the off-season for carp fishing. Let’s talk about how to cleverly use methods and techniques to catch carp in summer. Selection of carp fishing locations For carp fishing in summer, choosing an appropriate fishing spot is also very important. Due to the hot weather, especially […]

carp is an omnivorous fish, almost not picky eaters, they can be seen in most waters of our country. Therefore, carp is also one of the target fish that anglers often catch. However, when fishing for carp in waters like dams, due to the cautious nature of large carp, it is not particularly good for […]

Tips and methods for carp fishing in winter Check the weather in advance Choose a relatively warm day in winter. Try to choose sunny days and daytime. The temperature of sunny days and daytime is relatively warm in winter. At this time, the water temperature rises, the carp is easy to get out of the […]

There are different fishing methods and experiences, but in general, you have to do a lot of articles on the bait. Then, how to operate the bread? 1、It can be used alone. It is also possible to use bread alone as bait. Just roll the bread into small balls and hang them directly on the […]

Formula for corn fishing carp Corn is a very important type of grain, and it is also a very representative type of fishing bait. It can also be used when fishing carp. Using corn to fish carp, you can directly cook the corn kernels, and mix in the right amount of high-quality liquor and the […]

How to sharpen the hook tip if the hook is not sharp A hook is an important tool that can be used when fishing, and it plays an important role. When they are sharp, they are easier to use. If they are blunt, they will affect the use to a certain extent. Therefore, it is […]

The hook group of worm hooks and noodle worms can effectively reduce the occurrence of false bait hanging on the bottom when there are many underwater obstacles and the underwater situation is complicated. Here also use the method of illustration to introduce the assembly process to everyone. Steps/Methods The picture shows worm hooks and noodle […]