Although it is said that summer is the best time for big carp fishing, it is cunning and cautious, and it is very difficult to get the bait. Therefore, many fishermen adopt a relaxed and simple method of fishing rod explosive hook.


The principle of explosive hook fishing


The so-called explosive hook is actually a set of the fishing set combined with a string of fish hooks. Because it has more hooks, the catch rate will also increase.


Of course, the principle of fishing is also very simple. It is a classic fishing method of using hooks to bury them in the bait pile, giving the carp a warning that there is no danger, and then swallowing the hooks by mistake. However, things have two sides and are not suitable for rubbish. Or use it in places with a lot of debris.

Explosion hook

Prepare adequately before fishing


Of course, if you want to use an explosive hook to catch a good carp, the most indispensable thing is the collocation of the fishing set. Because the fish in wild fishing is more powerful, the fishing line also needs to be thick.


Based on a previous fishing experience, I think that if you are fishing for carp less than 10 catties, the mainline can use No. 4, of course, the lead sinker can be a hollow sinker of 30 grams or more, and the hooks can be carp hooks No. 9 to No. 12. As for the fish In terms of rods, try to choose a rigid rod over 2.1 meters.

Silver carp

Bait collocation and bait feeding method


In addition, this carp fishing method, the most important thing is the combination of bait and its bait method. Based on my years of fishing experience, I think it is best to use grain pellets as the basic material for carp fishing at this time, and then add some dried carp powder commercial bait. Yes, of course, if you want a better fishing effect, you can also add a corn kernel to the bottom hook of the explosive hook.


There are many ways to load bait. The most secure one is to first take out an appropriate amount of bait, then knead it into a ball, then break it apart from the middle, pinch the hook between the two baits, and finally insert the hook into the carp. Just bait in the group.


In summary, what is said is: In the hot summer, some fishing techniques using explosive hooks to fish carp, and related precautions, of course, if you have different views on this, please also advise and remind you.

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