How many hooks are used for grass carp fishing is a question that many novice fishers often ask, how to choose a more suitable hook.

In the process of fishing, the choice of the hook is very important. The biggest factor that affects our choice of the hook should be the weight of different fish. As far as grass carp is concerned, the weight of grass carp is generally about 3-10 catties. The corresponding fish hook for grass carp fishing is mostly carp hooks 7#-12#.

The weight of the fish is only an important factor in the selection of the hook, of course there are other factors.


  1. Fishing skills of anglers


The fishing skills and fishing level of the anglers are also factors that cannot be ignored. For novice fishers, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger hook when choosing hook, as the fish’s chance of escape is relatively small. As for those veterans with fishing experience, the choice of hooks can be large or small, and they are more focused on their own user experience when choosing. Fishing technology

circle hooks for carp

  1. Related to the hook material

The choice of fish hooks has a certain relationship with the materials and production processes used by fishing hook manufacturers. The better the quality of the hooks, the better the bearing capacity of the hooks.