This summer, we have to enter the time for carp fishing. What kind of fish hook is suitable for carp fishing, and how to choose fish hook. Let’s discuss this issue today.

I usually use carp hooks for carp fishing. Because carp hooks have deep hooks, long spears, and not easy to unhook, the short handles of carp hooks make it easier for the fish to suck in the whole hook. Therefore, I think carp hooks are the first choice for carp and grass carp fishing. Usually fishes under five catties use carp hooks from 1 to 4, and fish from five catties to more than ten catties can use carp hooks from 6 to 10.

carp hooks

In addition, for carp fishing, try to choose a hook with a wide front door and a short handle. Usually, if you go out for wild fishing, use a size four hook. If you want to catch Crucian carp in a small river and want to prevent carp, you can use number two. If you are catching big fish, use size 10 and above. catfish hooks No. 11 can be used for fishing with meat bait, and carp hooks No. 10 can be used for fishing bait.

When we are fishing for carp in the breeding pond, we can choose No. 2.5 fishing line for those under five catties. For fishing hooks, No. 6 carp hooks, No. 6 kahle hooks, No. 5 perch hooks can be used.

Cod fish hook
You can choose No. 3.0 fishing line for more than five catties, and you can use carp hooks No. 9, trout hooks No. 8 and whiting hooks No. 7 for fishing hooks.

The above recommendation can be used as a reference, and the specific one should be selected according to the tone of the individual pole and the individual fishing technique.


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