Use a loach hook, preferably about 5cm long. When hooking, the hook should be pierced from one side of the front end of the dorsal fin and pierced from the other side, exposing the barbs on the tip of the hook. For the problem that it is difficult to grasp the loach, fishermen can use […]

Fish eat everything when they are hungry, especially carnivorous fish species, which are highly aggressive and will definitely attack artificial bait. For example, bass and Catfish are the most representative ones. Grass carp, carp, and other large herbivorous fish will also attack artificial bait. Bait, commonly used fake bait is about five centimeters in length. […]

The method of fishing freshwater Catfish is mainly in the selection of bait and the method of manipulating the rod. According to my own experience, because catfish like to live in the bottom and have little mobility, jig hooks are the best choice. After entering the water, it can continuously rotate and disturb, just like […]

The so-called fake fish fishing is also called lure fishing, bionic bait fishing, and artificial bait fishing. It is a method of imitating weak creatures to cause big fish to attack. Fake fish fishing generally uses soft fake bait. This kind of fake bait has a very diverse shape, usually small fish, gecko, maggots, etc., […]

(1) First of all, the newly bought soft bait, after opening the package for the first time, if the used soft bait is put back in the original packaging, the impurities on the surface of the soft bait must be cleaned up. It can be put together with unused similar products. Pay attention to one […]

A beginner lure fisherman, every time he goes out to lure bass, it can be said that he is full of confidence, but the reality is not optimistic, then, how can we get to the bass? The predation of perch is generally characterized by rocky bottoms in lakes and reservoirs, rocky dams, bridge piers, bridge […]

Although the appearance of the current artificial lure looks very real, it is still fake after all. If you want to be truly fake, you must make the artificial lure move. This is also the core of the lure fishing method. Only the artificial lure that moves can attract To the fish, thereby allowing the […]

As a lure novice, having a good learning habit will greatly increase our learning speed. People who come to your experience should correct their learning attitude first. Don’t think about what fish can be caught in a short time. You can practice some basic skills down-to-earth, and it’s only a matter of time before you […]

Although lure is relatively easy to accept, it takes a while to master, and in this process to explore experience, the most important thing is to build confidence . How should lure get started? 6 suggestions for lure novices! 1. Almost all carnivorous fish are very interested in things that are floating and sinking. When […]

The lure is a bell-like bait fishing method. It has a realistic appearance and attracts fish to bait through color, light, swimming shape, sound, etc. If the lure is to be fake, it requires the angler to have delicate techniques:    1. Delayed bait In order to make the lure bait sink to the expected […]