Fishing friends are inseparable from fish hooks. Many people choose fish hooks and have their own methods. Today I communicated with a veteran fishing veteran. I think some of his views on buying fish hooks are very unique: How do anglers get out of the misunderstanding of choosing fish hooks 1. Normally, we test the […]

During the fishing process of many anglers, the fish got off the hook. There are many factors for this happening, and the most important factor is improper selection of fish hooks. In fact, the size of the fish hook will have a certain impact on the running fish, but few people pay attention to this. […]

When you go fishing, you are fully prepared, and the number of fish hooks is usually determined according to the size of the fish in the fishing object. We need to fully determine the size of the hook used in the hook according to the environment where the fish belonged at that time. 1. The […]

People who often fish in the wild should be familiar with Catfish, especially night fishing. They often encounter catfish. They have no scales, a very large mouth, and four beards. They like to eat meat such as earthworms, bugs, and small fish. Catfish is especially true. Liver and other foods are interesting. Catfish belong to […]

1、Chicken liver Animal internal organs: lamb liver, chicken liver, pig spleen can all be used to catch Catfish. The animal internal organs are cut into 2-3cm strips and put on a fish hook for catfish fishing. 2、shrimp Shrimp meat: Choose large white shrimp, keep the shrimp head and feet, the fish hook is inserted through […]

What kind of bait is good for catching Catfish? We have many anglers who have such questions about the meeting. Catfish is a typical carnivorous and ferocious fish, so it has always been the prey that anglers dream of.   First understand the habits of catfish I think the first thing that anglers must have […]

How to catch Catfish fast, first of all, we need to understand the skills and habits of catfish fishing, then what are the skills and habits of catfish fishing? 1. Catfish habits Catfish have weak eyesight. They hunt by smell and tentacles. They do not have high requirements for water quality. They can survive even […]

1. Bait For Sea bass fishing, artificial bait can be used, or live bait can be used directly. The live bait can be small white fish and large live shrimp. It is best to use small white fish. It can not only be hung firmly to the fish hook, but it is also very easy […]

The octopus hook is the most commonly used fish hook for anglers. It is characterized by a thick hook bar, wide hook door, short hook handle, and hook tip curved inward like an eagle beak. From the hook design, it is most suitable for fishing large individual fish such as carp, Especially octopus hook is […]

As a wild fishing enthusiast, I have also compared several commonly used fish hooks, summarized and analyzed their advantages and disadvantages. As for the fish hook that are most suitable for wild fishing, I will write an article for you today. Fishing friends provide some useful information. What are the commonly used hooks on the […]